“Federico always demonstrated experienced professional competence and ability. He actively participates during the mediation process, encouraging the purpose of it as a moment of conciliation.”

“I would recommend Federico to others because of his mediation and negotiation skills, his problem solving ability, and not less important his legal expertise.”

“Federico’s negotiation skills make the difference in this kind of mediation process, and his extensive legal knowledge well supports the discussion between the parties. He is very capable of identify the critical points on both sides, and leads the parties to think, and then arrive at a solution that satisfies both.”

“Thanks to his intervention, the consumer managed to figure out how far he/she can go about economic requests, and the telephone carrier kept willing to make the most of its efforts to find the best solution for both her and the client.”

“I would recommend Federico as mediator because of his competence, high communication skills and conflict management ability.”

“He led the parties to understand what the appropriate requests were, and finally arrived to a common point to find the agreement.”

“He plays an active role in the mediation process seeking to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.”

“He also make the parties aware of the possible future developments of the dispute, in the absence of agreement or continuation of the proceedings in other fora. His skills of completeness of conflict management at communication and legal definitely make a decisive difference.”

Parties to mediation processes held in Italy