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Our Firm gives proper value to your interests in Italy

Federico Antich is an Italian international and national business lawyer and mediator. Since 1999, he has mediated more than 5000 cases involving consumer disputes, commercial contracts, company law, intellectual property, and will and estates. He currently holds accreditation as a Mediator with The Chamber of Commerce of Firenze, the Italy-China Business Mediation Centre (ICBMC) Milan, Italy, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) London, England, and the National Association of Chambers of Commerce in Italy (Unioncamere). Federico Antich practices mediation with polyhedric fortitude and understands that effective mediation starts with listening. 


What We Can Do For You

With years of experience helping businesses avoid a court case, Federico Antich has the knowledge, expertise, approach and system that is designed to reduce legal costs and prevent ongoing litigation.

Professional Experience

Federico has always embraced mediation as one of the most efficient and certain dispute resolution tools

Whether your company needs to resolve an international business dispute in Italy, to negotiate a commercial contract or a transaction, or you need assistance with settling the estate of a family member, Studio dell’Avv. Antich can represent your legal interests in Italy. The Firm focuses on three main areas: mediation services worldwide; professional assistance in legal matters, and legal representation in the Courts of Law in Florence and the rest of the peninsula.

Our attorneys can quickly draft mediated settlement agreements, contracts, and legal opinions that tap into the extensive background in international business mediation, contract law, commercial transactions and business litigation in Italy. We can also assist with matters as straightforward as the translation of legal documents between English and Italian and as complex as arguing a case before the Italian Supreme Court.


STUDIO DELL’AVV. ANTICH strives for excellence providing for services through highly skilled, ethical and committed professionals.

With more than 5,000 cases in contract law, consumer disputes, company law, intellectual property, bankruptcy and more, the Firm combines legal expertise with practical experience to make the process as fair and expedient as possible, preserving the interests of our clients and delivering value to the parties.


We aim to advice clients on alternative dispute resolution methods and to provide unconventionally traditional legal counseling with cost-effective and vigorous representation.

The Firm approaches mediation services with a new vision for Alternative Dispute Resolution that are affordable, decisive and reliable.


Federico always demonstrated experienced professional competence and ability. He actively participates during the mediation process, encouraging the purpose of it as a moment of conciliation.”

“Thanks to his intervention, the consumer managed to figure out how far he/she can go about economic requests, and the telephone carrier kept willing to make the most of its efforts to find the best solution for both her and the client.”

“I would recommend Federico as mediator because of his competence, high communication skills and conflict management ability.”

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