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International Business Mediation


Successful international business mediation requires a specific and honed approach that is best placed in the hands of an experienced international business lawyer.

With years of experience helping businesses avoid a court case, Federico Antich has the knowledge, expertise, approach and system that is designed to reduce legal costs and prevent ongoing litigation.


Benefits of Mediation:

Mediation is a process where both sides come to an agreement or a compromise that enables the resolution of any ongoing or pending legal issue. It is one of the most common approaches when dealing with litigious matters—namely because both sides stand to benefit from working out legalities and breaches with a mediation as opposed to having a court decide on and settle the matter instead.


Cost and Time Saving:

Business mediation is a test-tested and cost-saving method that has been relied on by entities small and large, wide and far to bring about dispute resolution without the length, stress and financial burden of an ongoing legal dispute in the court system.


Mutual Benefits:

Mediation brings about a mutually beneficial resolution to the dispute that ends up benefitting all parties involved; unlike a court case, where it is a winner-takes-all situation. Since mediation is a voluntary resolution of the issues at hand, it gives both parties better control of the potential outcome.



As opposed to traditional legal channels, in mediation, the proceeding and the outcome are not public. The whole process and the information shared during the sessions is kept as confidential matters between all involved parties. If, for example, a business was to reach a settlement with a party that would have otherwise sued them, and used the route of mediation to obtain that agreement, all parties would be bound to the confidential nature of the business, and even the business that settled would have never admitted to being at-fault, thus avoiding any negative public relation setbacks.

Areas of Practice:

Federico Antich has extended experience practicing and mediating civil and commercial matters at domestic and international level. Whether the issue being mediated has to do with contractual breach, negotiation, intellectual property breach or mitigation, dispute resolution, liability or other, we have helped countless individuals and organizations reach an amicable conclusion via effective and conclusive mediation.

Our expertise focuses on international contracts and distribution relationships, while maintaining an intrinsic focus on Italian law. When and if a business dispute arises, we will apply this expertise with succinct focus to your company’s case to help bring resolution to matter—one that does not require entering a traditional courtroom.

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