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Running a business, especially in a foreign country, involves some risks and litigation is one of them.

Whether you have a claim filed against your business or you have to pursue a case against a company or an individual, you are likely to eventually run into some legal issues. It is essential and smart to plan ahead and make sure that your company is assisted by well-versed and experienced legal counsels.

With solid planning, many legal issues can be avoided on even the most complicated business deals.

The Law Firm has represented companies of all sizes for more than 20 years with their legal concerns in Italy and in many international disputes, providing legal representation for people coming from all around the world.

Federico Antich, the founder of our Law Firm, is a leading international mediator and our firm approaches business litigation with this spirit . We will help you pursue common sense opportunities to avoid a trial, but we are ready to aggressively and diligently see your case through to a verdict when necessary.

Areas of Practice

Commercial Contracts: we can assist in the negotiation and execution of contracts in Italy, taking into consideration all the complexities and intricacies of the legal and social framework for doing business in the country.

Inheritance Law: inheritance disputes are common and can arise from a number of varying situations, which generates complex matters involving personal issues other than problematic legal implications. Deeply rooted in old Roman Law, inheritances are regulated by specific provisions set forth in the Italian Civil Code as interpreted by the court system. Our professionals can help recognize and understand heirs’ rights and duties, deal with certain paperwork to be submitted in a timely manner and properly processed, as well as avoid non-essential trips abroad.

Consumer Disputes: we offer litigation support for consumer sales and practices for companies that are engaged in international business, in case of disputes concerning contractual obligations arising from any kind of sales or service contracts.

Our expertise also focuses on legal matters and court proceedings involving company law, bankruptcy , Information Technology, and Intectual Property.

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