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Federico Antich

Federico Antich is an Italian international and national business mediator and attorney-at-law. Since 1999, he has mediated more than 5000 cases involving consumer disputes, commercial contracts, company law, intellectual property, and will and estates. He currently holds accreditation from prestigious national and international institutions, such as the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, Italy; the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) London, England; the International Mediation Institute (IMI), among others. To know more details about Federico, check his profile here.


Mediating in Florence since 1999

Whether you need assistance with settling the estate of a family member, or your company needs to resolve an international business dispute in Italy, Studio dell’Avvocato Antich can represent your legal interests in Italy. Our Law Firm focuses on three main areas: mediation services around the world, professional assistance in legal matters in Italy, and legal representation in the Courts of Law in Italy.

Our approach to mediation considers a new vision for Alternative Dispute Resolution methods that are affordable, decisive and reliable. With more than 5,000 cases in contract law, consumer disputes, company law, intellectual property, bankruptcy and more, our Law Firm combines legal expertise with practical experience to make the process as fair and expedient as possible. Federico Antich also provides expert mediation consulting, and routinely organizes training and coaching courses for mediators.

We aim to provide unconventionally traditional legal counseling with cost-effective and vigorous representation. Our attorneys can draft contracts and legal opinions that tap into the extensive background in international business mediation, contract law, commercial transactions and business litigation in Italy. We can provide consulting on consumer disputes and intellectual property for businesses that want to expand into Italy or represent you in court if a claim or need to pursue a case arises.

Studio dell’Avvocato Antich is located in Florence, Italy, but we represent clients and mediate disputes around the world.